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November 28, 2010

Collecting: McCoy Pottery

I heart McCoy Pottery, but I’m picky about the pieces I collect.  I’m trying to collect pieces that are green, turquoise, pink or white.  I want my collection to eventually have some visual punch, like Martha Stewart’s: 
Martha Stewart's McCoy Collection at her East Hampton Home
I found this picture of Martha Stewart's amazing collection here.

Complicating my collecting is the fact that I never purchase online.  I like what I buy to have been found in my city, or on a trip.  I’m a sucker for sentiment!  Happily, I found a new piece at a local antique shop just a few days ago.  Here are a couple pics of some of my collection: 

The low turquoise dish isn't McCoy, but I love it still

This one is the only one actually home to a plant. 

Hello new addition!
The colour combo of my newest planter reminds me of this kitchen featured recently on Apartment Therapy.  I love, love, love this kitchen.  So gorgeous.

Thanks, Apartment Therapy, for this gorgeous inspiration!
I found this picture from Apartment Therapy here.
McCoy Pottery is really varied.  There are different kinds of pieces (cookware, bowls, vases, lamps) and many, many different styles.  I love the mid-century cool "Harmony" line featured on this blog.

Picture from "Just a Modern Guy" blog
For more info, there are plenty of books on collecting McCoy and here is a great website.

 Anyone else collect McCoy Pottery or have a different kind of pottery collection?


  1. I think you're pretty wise not to buy online: I find, it can be so hard to judge colors. Plus, by hunting locally, you'll remember the circumstances behind every piece!

  2. I too love McCoy pottery! I especially like the older pieces with simple lines and form. I have three collections: green, aqua, and white, and love amassing them together for a bold impact. Thanks for sharing your collection!


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