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November 18, 2010

Living/Dining Room: "Before"

Click on a pic to see a bigger version (not necessarily recommended!)

It doesn't seem like it, but the living and dining room is bright and airy (now).  There are large windows in the dining room, plus patio doors in the living room.  We have a brick, wood burning fireplace (although that came with its own bundle of problems) and the maple hardwood floors were already in place.

I cannot take credit for any of the furniture/decor in these shots and the contents all belonged to the previous owners.  By the time we took possession, any "before" shots already included an inflatable mattress and stack of pizza boxes.  See here for the "in progress" & "after" shots here.  We "moved in" weeks before our furniture did, so we could renovate without stumbling over things.  Although that happened anyway.


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    1. It was! The curtains blocked a lot of light and the heavy furniture took over the room.


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