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December 16, 2010

DIY Upholstery Source

I just stumbled across a great website.  One stop shopping for DIY upholstery supplies, plus (super chatty) DIY tutorial videos.  I found out it will be $400 (!) plus fabric and foam to reupholster my newfound chair professionally.  I don't really want to part with $400 clams, but we haven't done upholstery like this before.  We've only done simple kitchen chairs, ottomans, that kind of thing.  This little guy looks trickier because he has an upholstered back and the seat has seems; its not a simple stretch&staple job.  Anyone upholster a chair this shape before?  Any hot tips?  If not, I've got HOURS of DIY vids to watch.



  1. I covered a chair (it is a saarinen knock-off I think). I had previously made a slipcover for a loveseat/sofabed with fairly complex shapes so I was optimistic. I started by removing the old cover very very carefully, marking each piece as it was removed. I slit the large pieces up the middle to help remover them, then used a seam ripper on the seams. I used the pieces to make a paper pattern; the brown kraft paper used for paint masking works great for making patterns. It was somewhat challenging to sew and the fabric I used was quite a bit heavier than the original so I added 1/4" all around and made the seam allowances 1/2" to make it simpler to draw the pattern. Excess fabric can always be trimmed away after sewing but if the pieces are too small there's not much you can do. I only had to alter one seam using this method. At the time I lived just a few miles from a fabric store with very helpful salespeople who helped me with the final steps of attaching the cover to the chair - that was the challenging part! I found that an electric staple gun was a necessity - too many misses with a hand stapler. Good luck with your project!


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