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December 17, 2010

The Fabric of Our Lives

I made it to the upholstery fabric store today to find fabric for the vintage teak chair in the guest room.  The store was sooo empty.  Christmastime is a delightful time to get non-holiday errands done because you'll be all alone.  Not many errands aren't Christmas-ish, but apparently shopping for fabric doesn't count as festive.  I brought home a lot of samples but I've already made a shortlist of ones I like at night (that's why the photos are a bit grainy, its dark out).  Tomorrow I'll see which ones I like in the light.  Sigh.  I wish Sarah Richardson were here.  I'm getting a heachache.   

A memory refresher

The "yays"

UPDATE:  If you're interested in any of my "yays," here is the make and model info (going clockwise):

Bottom left:  Robert Allen, "Pool" series - Sweet Nothings
Middle left:  Fabricut - Moonwalk
Houndstooth: Kravet - 30856-35
Top Left: Master Fabric Ltd - Flower Power
Top Right: Duralee Fabrics - Key Lime
Middle Left: Kravet - 28836-316
Bottom Left: Schumacher - Aspen Leaf 62480 (Fern; comes in grey and taupe also)

So many samples, so little time

The "nays"
The cream and green fabric at the bottom of the "nays" pic is made by Master Fabrics Ltd - "Hotspot" (111).


  1. Who makes the leaf fabric in the bottom right corner of the "yays"? I really like it and its just the color I've been looking for.

  2. Hi Liz,
    Isn't it gorgeous? The company is Schumacher and I think the collection is called "Terra". The specific fabric is Aspen Leaf, 62480-Fern. This line is great because it is organic cotton. It also comes in a pale grey and taupe but this green is so pretty. The website is:

    What are you planning to upholster? I'd love to see pics of your finished project.

  3. Hi Tanya,
    My husband and I bought a simple little cane chair and a similar loveseat at a surplus sale (same sale where we found 55 computer keyboards if you happened to read our blog post about our bar top). Its nothing special, but it was cheap and in need of some TLC so it should be good for my first upholstery project.
    I'm taking vacation next week to work on some projects around the house. If all goes well, I should be able to send you a link to photos soon!


  4. Me again. I haven't finished my chair yet, but I've posted some in-progress photos! I figure the more people know about this, the more I'll hold myself accountable to get it done. I really liked your post about choosing upholstery fabric, but I wasn't patient enough to pick out samples and check them out at home :)

  5. I checked out your post. Love the fabric you chose!


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