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December 4, 2010

Inspiration: Casual Rooms

Here are two more inspiring rooms (plus an awesome DIY project) from “Real-life Décor” by Jean Nayar.  I must (begrudgingly) return my copy to the public library tomorrow so someone else can be inspired.  I just realized I have been on a wait list for another design book since June and I still have to wait for 25 other people!!  I do buy some (read: many) books, but I already have two huge bookcases packed literally to the ceiling, plus a roomful of books I store at my parents’.  I have to be a little bit more discriminating about buying books, otherwise hubby is back to storing his books in boxes.  That means more library usage and thus more having to share.  Without further ado, check out these cheery rooms:
Not always a fan of the "shabby chic" but I love the colour palette!

I want that bowl . . .

 And, saving the best for last, the coolest clock I have ever seen:

I've seen clocks like this with tea cups and other beautiful objects but never globes.  I want to try something like this on my bare kitchen wall.  But what to use?  This might take some brain power. 

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