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December 5, 2010

Art Attack: Evelyn Rydz

We visited the The Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston) in October and I haven't been able to stop thinking about Evelyn Rydz's work since.  The photos below don't even begin to do her work justice.  Her website has pictures that better capture the ethereal quality of her work.  Her work examines the evolution of landscapes, which makes me think about the way my choices affect our collective landscape.  Moreover, Rydz's work has me re-thinking beauty; I never would have thought I'd find a rusty can beautiful. 

Blue Foam with Barnacles, 2009 (Pencil and Colour Pencil on Duralar, 11 x 14 inches)

Beer Can with Algae and Shells, 2010 (Pencil and Color Pencil on Duralar, 11 x 14 inches)

084523, 2010 (Pencil and Color Pencil on Duralar, 11 x 14 inches)

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