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December 12, 2010

Inspiration: Love It or List It

I just watched a mesmerizing episode of WNetwork's "Love it or List it" and I cannot believe anyone ever chooses to list!  The pictures below are of Episode 29 which, to date, still remains my favorite and tempts me to paint the kitchen cabinets we so lovingly re-finished.  That palest pale seafoamy green with the rich honey coloured leather chairs (which read as more yellow on television) is stunning.  I plan to incorporate more of this rich hue.  But for now, I will ogle this room.  Do you have a favorite episode? One that makes you wish the owners would list (so you could buy it)?

Hard to tell from this picture, but the cabinets
aren't white-they are a super pale turquoise.
So pretty!



  1. I agree, the reveal is always gorgeous.

    On the other hand, don't the whiny, petulant people she works for drive you crazy? The couple that had the melt down because they had knob and tube in their nasty house and she fixed it....because it's the law....and they felt gypped.

    1. I definitely get frustrated with the faux drama of this show, for sure!

  2. Tanya, I just visited your blog and I loved what I saw, your home is beautiful and Ottawa is one of my favorite cities. You are so lucky. I got onto your blog by doing a search. I'm a huge fan of Love It Or List It and I saw that you were also. Would you know how I can find the Resource Listing for that show? The HGTV website in the US was not that helpful. Any information would be appreciated, Thanks
    Now I'm going to check out

    1. Good question! I found info about the show from the network that airs the episodes in Canada:

      It seems like there is a resource guide for each episode. Here's one example: (click on the couple, I think) and a PDF file opens. Hopefully that helps! There is also info for the network contact in the first link, so you could also shoot them an email for additional info or if the episode you're looking for doesn't have a guide.

      Thanks for your comment! So happy to hear you have enjoyed the blog and like Ottawa!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. i also love that show and i have to agree that sometimes they should list it


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