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December 3, 2010

New Evidence of Painting Charlie

This post isn't about livin’ in a townhouse but . . . I posted about our DIY Dodge Colt paint job here, and I couldn’t post “before” & “during” pics because they weren’t digital.  But, genius that I am, I took pictures with my digital camera of the pictures that weren’t digital and voil√†: pics of us painting my car, way back in the day.  Proof that we are bona fide DIYers ;)
Charlie in 2009

Painting the bumper - 2004

See? Rust issues

Apparently not the right way to tape off a car

See? Blue hatchback issues too . . .
Check out that head of hair on my cutie hubby! 
Its so unfair, he doesn't even want it!!

Apparently a field is not the ideal place,
but its use was free, so the price was right

An "after" shot taken the same year

Now, THIS is a pretty awesome DIY "before & after".  Does this give us serious DIY cred?

Anyone else tackle a waaay too big DIY project and feel totally overwhelmed?  In the weeks it took us to do this, I kept thinking: "I can't believe I ruined my car, I can't believe I ruined my car".


  1. Oh my God, Tanya! I just saw this! This gives you serious DIY creds! I mean, Serious!!!
    It's quite evident creativity really runs in you (and your husband, of course), to pull this off in 2004!

    1. Haha, thanks! Oh man, we were so fearless back then! We had so much energy, too. We were both working full time, plus I had two part-time jobs and we'd drive an hour out into the country to sand and paint. Took FOREVER, lol.


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