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December 20, 2010

TLC for Teak

I found this great Apartment Therapy post that provides step by step instructions for giving teak furniture an oil.  Tomorrow I plan to give my new vintage chair some lovin' following these directions.
Check out the gorgeous teak credenza featured in the article.  Anyone else jealous of the author's gorgeous teak piece (and beautiful styling)?



  1. I just went and read the article twice and have a couple of problems.

    One, they neglected to mention that teak oil (any finishing oil) combust when left on a rag. I know one house that burned down and our living room floor came close to burning when a rag was left in a ball while the "oiler" went to get a cup of coffee as it was in flames when he returned.

    Put the all the rags in a jar of water or spread them out flat to dry then throw them away.

    2. Trust me when I tell you this but I've got my PHD in oiling furniture and don't leave it to soak in but wipe it down to get most of it off first. Sticky is not your friend, to unsticky it takes hours of extra labour. Instead wipe down the whole piece, wait a day, do it again. And find those 5 low humidity days we have a year to do it as it sets up way too fast with high humidity.

    I lied, there's a every window you can for as many days as you can and if you have a fan put it in the window blowing out. The smell gets into everything....hide your cashmere!


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