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January 17, 2011

Coming Apart at the Seams

So, I'll be honest.  I've been spending a lot of time looking at the newly upholstered chair.  I won't lie.  I even wander in there while tooth brushing, just to do some ogling.  And I've also been thinking of upholstery, and how I have to get me some fancier upholstery skills.  Then I thought, maybe (once again!) I'm totally off-trend by actually sprucing up this chair at all.  Check it out:

The "Before"

The "After"

But wait-what is in style for 2011?  The undone look.

Canadian House & Home January 2011

Canadian House & Home October 2010

Canadian House & Home Special Interest "Makeovers"
Fall 2009

Sheesh, they sure do heart that chair (it is the same one in the second and third pic).  I saw it in another H&H picture too, about fabrics, but can't remember when.  It was recently.

So, does my very own "before" shot look a little familiar?  Granted, my undone chair was a little lot uglier in its undone-ness.  What are your thoughts on the deconstructed (or unconstructed) look?


  1. I'm biased since Im taking a reupholstery class but I would never be able to live with a chair that looks deconstructed like that. I mean a little wear here and there is totally fine and even expected. But man... really? that is crazy.

  2. You did a great hob of salvaging that chair! It looks terrific.

    I'm not fond of the ultra sloppy look. I do like the "shabby chic" Paris style and I used it a lot in my old Victorian apartment. But shabby is one thing and falling apart at the seems is something else all together. Not for me.


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