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January 6, 2011

Going to Have to Shelve this Idea

Months ago I found an amazing pair of mid-century teak display units on kijiji.  Much like the ones below, but glass fronted.  The pair (!) was $100 but I played hardball, and lost.  I hate haggling.  Someone more clever than this kitty scooped them up.  Now I am taunted by them everywhere I look.  How cute is the shelving in the kitchens below?  My house is too dusty to use them for dishes, but for display? Super cute.  Anyone else miss out on something fab in the competitive world of online classifieds?  

Photo source

Another shot of the same kitchen, just 'cuz its so pretty.

Photo source



  1. I really like your floor. What is it called?

  2. Hi! The two kitchens pictured above are kitchens I admire, not my own. If you click on the word "source" on the bottom of the first and last picture (in the phrase "photo source") you'll be led to the websites that feature these two kitchens. Hope that helps.


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