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January 22, 2011

Inspiration: Living Concepts

I was checking out the website for the store where I purchased the new living room throw and found some inspirational pics in their portfolio.  Some of the photos in their portfolio were taken in their showroom, and other pictures are from client homes.  Below are my favorites:

Love the white walls with the ornate white frame, obviously.

This petite grey sofa would be great in an entry way,
for someone with a larger entry way than ours of course!

My favorite: the fanciest outhouse ever!


  1. The outhouse picture is priceless! I have a friend whose almost-30 son and girlfriend are, as they put it, "living off the grid" in rural Tennessee. They have an outhouse, and it drives my friend crazy (though why I don't know) that they both have college degrees and are living so primitively. I'll send him this picture and suggest that he pay for a remodel if it's really bothering him that much.

  2. I could live with an outhouse if it looked like that. I rented a palapa in Mexico many years ago that had an outhouse perched on the mountainside with a view of Zicatela beach, now a famous surf break. It had a flushing toilet surprisingly. I spent alot of time in that outhouse admiring the view.

  3. I don't think I have ever seen an outhouse like this one. I guess design can be found almost any where.

  4. Super cute couch!! And that outhouse is wild!! Maybe it would make me less scared to wander in in the middle of the night.... hmmm


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