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January 20, 2011

Living in a Condo . . .

. . . is surprisingly similar to living in a sitcom.  We attended our very first condo meeting last night!  Unfortunately, we didn't get the memo that pitchforks were required and were thus ill-prepared.  I had a feeling it would be a lot like the town hall meetings in the Gilmore Girls (see below), and it didn't disappoint.  I'll be adding a new tab, soon, about the prop & cons of condo living.  Many people think only highrise buildings are condos, but our townhouse is one too.  So, if you're thinking about buying a condo, check back soon for our experience thusfar.


P.S. Speaking of the Gilmore Girls: how pretty is the clip below?  If I could actually paint (and not just smoosh paint around, like I do) I'd want to paint this image but blur it up a little.



  1. haha, yes, pitchforks are usually required. There was some major drama in my condo association last summer. We got a new president, and she ended up hating the job and quit in the middle of one of the meetings.

  2. That is too funny! Our meeting devolved into open mic night, with one woman high from her root canal telling everyone how wonderful they are, except our property manager who was "did an okay job, on the majority of thing". During her rant, she kept advising us not to waste any more time, but would not relinquish the mic. In addition to pitchforks, next time we need one of those big bugs bunny-esque hooks for pulling people off-stage.

  3. Haha! I am watching Gilmore Girls right now, whilst reading through more of your archives!


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