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January 24, 2011

Lovin' Orange



I am really loving pops of this great shade of orange.  I'm going to try to incorporate more into the office & have also decided to go with the orange printed fabric as an accent in the bedroom.  Yay.  Don't you just love it when you actually make a decision after days and days of deliberating?  (Okay, probably more like weeks if anyone has been counting.  But the bedding is backordered, so I've been in no hurry to pick out the fabric for accent pillows)

My office - see more here

The winner!  See my other choices here

P.S. I did choose the more teal silk (here)
as opposed to the pea green one.  Fresher & brighter, I think.


  1. The fabric looks beautiful! I agree, when I finally make a decision after obsessing it feels very satisfying.

  2. I'm really lovin' orange myself. It seems to be taking over every room of my house.

    I think your fabric choices are beautiful.


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