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January 19, 2011

Office-y Office Goodness

I spend a lot of my day in my office, which is a work in progress.  Although I look for ways to make it look less office-y, I also need it to have that office-y functionality.  Which, for those of us folk with glasses, often means a gianormous screen.  For those of us with photocopying needs, a home office copier/scanner (I'm sure mine was created as a joke by someone at brother, because no one could accidentally design something that ugly).  So, while I'm looking for inspiration to brighten up my office (I decided today I am going to move the silk curtains elsewhere and do something cheerier), I love an office that makes no apologies for have tech equipment in plain view, while still being super stylish:


Love it!  See more info here.
What are your tricks to spruce up your office?

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