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January 22, 2011

Pop Cloths

I mentioned I've been reading Eco Chic and  I was surprised to read that according to the author, “if every household in the United States reduced their consumption by just one roll of paper towels per year, we could save 1.4 million trees” (p. 87).  Are people really still using a lot of paper towel?  If so, I have an option that is way cuter: Pop Cloths (made in Finland!)  These dish cloths are:
  • Super absorbent (& they dry fast)
  • Odour resistant
  • Machine (or dishwasher) washable
  • Biodegradable (so you can put them in your compost when they get too grungy)
  • Super cute & available is many different patterns
My latest pop cloth purchase

Some artist's renderings of only a few of the images available, below.  There is also one with the recipe for Finnish pancakes, and another with a skull and crossbones. 

Means "kitchen" in Finnish

P.S. I totally still use paper towel for the grubby, grubby messes.  But I've been cutting up ratty tee-shirts to make enough rags to get me through the week!  Little steps. 


  1. Hello little sparrow,
    this is a bit of a nifty space you've got here!
    I enjoy the photo-goodness you have on display!
    Happy blogging you! x x x

  2. I still use paper towels, but I do try to use them more sparingly than I used to. The Pop-Cloths are really cute.


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