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January 30, 2011

Pushing Those Coloured Bathroom Fixtures

I've been meaning to post this vintage bathroom advertisement (see it after the beautiful Betty White) and I'm glad I forgot waited because it is totally making me smile.  I watched the sappy Hallmark movie tonight, now I need something cheery.  (I'm so embarassed I cried-and it made my cold symptoms worse, to boot!).

I'm fascinated by coloured bathroom fixtures.  My grandma has a 1960s pink bathroom that I heart.  We had a pink bathroom originally too, but it wasn't good pink (click here to see).  We also had a yellow half bath (see here) which was equally bad.  Both are gone.  But if we ever have a home with a cutie coloured bathroom, then it is staying.

How adorable is this vintage ad?  Who else is a fan of coloured fixtures??


P.S. Thanks to everyone for wishing I get over this cold soon!


  1. We have those same colors in our bathroom and the walls are tiled in the same green. I loved it when we first moved in but grout and I don't get along now. Oh, and just so you know, I cry at Hallmark commercials. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. I'm so jealous! What a great bathroom! I also grow weary of grout . . .

  3. Betty White was so cute on the SAG awards last night. And I just cried at a Hallmark commercial this morning. I'm a total sap.

    My parents bought a 50s home in the late 60s with a green bathroom that color. The other bathroom was pink. Of course, she hated them, because they were completely out of style then. I helped her jazz them up with mod wallpaper...:)


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