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January 28, 2011


Ahhhh.  That's better.  Last year (okay, a month ago - but it was another year) I blogged about the "spit & polish" the hallway got (see here), but I didn't show the whole view.  I think because the black floating frames were bugging me.  I had wanted to frame the two little paintings (actually sent to us as b-day cards) made by hubby's mom in white floating frames but couldn't find any in this city.  (I found some online, but you know. . . ).  Anyway, here is the secretive full hallway shot, ugly black frames and all:

We also hung them waaaaay too high

Hooray - I found white floating frames.  At Chapter's Bookstore, oddly enough.  So we popped the paintings in new frames, switched 'em around, and lowered them a bit too (after we patched the previous holes).  Better, right?   

It was wash day - hence the missing tea towels!

Why no tablescape?  Because its a useless table!  I dump my purse, groceries and miscellaneous goodies on it the minute I come in the door (we enter through the garage, not the front).  Although I did try putting my lovely McCoy planter there . . .

. . . it just got in the way.  As soon as my "photo shoot" was over, hubby plonked some DVD's to be returned on the table.  So here is the useless table in action:

See how I painted our useless table (and why we call it a useless table) here.


  1. The white floating frames are perfect! They really let the paintings shine.

  2. Gorgous! I love the white frames. And I have some spots it's impossible to decorate too. After all, I guess we DO have to have a place for purses and movies and keys...or we'd be living in a museum instead of a home.

  3. I absolutely LOVE it! The white floating frames are gorgeous, and that table is too cute! Love the white/wood mix!

  4. That table is so cute! It looks good with the reframed art.


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