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January 21, 2011

The Real McCoy

Still thinking about collections . . . so I thought I’d post pictures of my newest McCoy piece.  My grandma gave me this green planter (below) from her own collection.  She had ogled it in a store window, many years ago, for quite some time before making it hers.  I’m so touched she gave me such a treasured piece.  What is also sweet is that her better wares are labeled on the bottom, lest we ever need to know the value.  I’m not kidding.  Many of her items have been priced by her, including this piece. 

This planter came from my grandma's collection, already priced.

My collection, thusfar (plus a few imposters).  I had to photograph with the glass doors open, otherwise you could see me!

So, what do you love to collect?


  1. I am obsessed with pictures. and art. I have too much that I cant hang it all. Also, lamps. It bad. I cant resist a good lookin', well priced lamp!

  2. pretty! I don't really collect anything...this makes me want to!

  3. I collect Russel Wright china, and I've just started a collection of Ben Seibel china, which I'll post about tomorrow on my blog. I also have several pieces of McCoy, about the same era as yours. Mine is mostly green Floraline, because my great-aunt used to own a florist shop back in the 60s.


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