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January 25, 2011

Shaking My Fist at West Elm

Well, I'm still waiting for my backordered bedding to complete the bedroom (see below for what I ordered and see here for the rest of the grand plan).  And in the time that I have been (im)patiently waiting, West Elm has done and decided to have a sale (on bedding!).  Check it out here if you are in the market.  Bah.  Anyone else feel like they miss the boat.  All. The. Time.  ?



  1. I would give their customer service line a call and tell them that while you were waiting for your bedding that it went on sale. I bet they would reimburse you for the difference!! :)

  2. Thanks Gina, for encouraing me to call. I did phone West Elm and my backordered item is still backordered and will be much longer than predicted. Whenever it becomes available, I will be charged the price that it is then - if it is on sale, I get a discount (woot) but if the sale passes and I'm still waiting, then full price for me. Then I still need to get it from my U.S. post office box to Canada. Sigh. I think West Elm might just be too tricky for Canadians.

  3. Oh, I know what you mean!
    And West Elm's bedding is so fantastic, lately.

  4. I'd be very tempted to cancel the order and then replace it at the sale price. That should lock them in at that price, no matter what it is when the merchandise is finally available. I'd think the delivery time would be the same.


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