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January 23, 2011

Unpainted Brick (Yep, again)

Still eyeing our unpainted brick fireplace (see here & here) every now and then, wondering what it would look like painted a fantastic dove grey or creamy vanilla.  But then I see a great room with au naturel brick and reconsider (you can hear my hubby saying "whew" in the background):


Of course this real-life bedroom, featured on the Better Homes & Gardens website, was previously a warehouse so this brick likely has a more storied past than the ole 1976 brick we have.  The same can likely be said for the room below:



  1. Yup, tricky. We have a brick fireplace that's been painted ivory, and it doesn't look that great. I think yours actually works OK with the colors of furniture you have... maybe live with it a bit longer and see if there are elements from the rooms you like that you can echo?

  2. All the brick on my house, inside and out, was already painted when I bought it. I'm guessing the brick was the same ugly dark red as my next door neighbor's, so I'm OK with it painted. I think a lot of the success or failure of painting brick depends on whether or not it has a fairly smooth side that holds paint rather than sucking it up like a porous piece of lava rock.

  3. I agree. I think quality makes a big difference. And there really are so many different shades/styles of brick - some really are quite bad.


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