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February 2, 2011

Another Half Bath Spruce in the Works

It must seem like we have a million powder rooms.  We have two, and now that the main floor one has been spruced up a bit (see here), it is time to tackle the one off the guest room.  First on the list: artwork.  Here's a memory booster of the guest room (it is attached, so I want them to "flow"):

And now a shot of the grisly "before," prior to our ripping it all out.  See here and here for more pictures.


And how it looks now (a lot like the main bath makeover - see here for pictures):

I had plans to do some pink and blue in this room (my inspiration was the bowl and vintage french wrapping paper, pictured above).  I blogged about it months ago, but decorating this room has kind of . . . . .
stagnated.  Maybe I wasn't excited about my ideas?  With the newly re-upholstered guest room chair in place (see here for "before" shots of the chair), I'm thinking a big, bright colourful photo in white matting and white frame would be a good starting point.  Something to reiterate the colour scheme in the guestroom, and break up all the abstract art goin' on in there.  This is my shortlist (all photos hubby & I have taken):

We actually were in Paris when hubby snapped this!

Hmmm, maybe I am still thinking blue . . .



  1. They're all great, but I particularly love the next-to-the-last picture. All the pinks and blues you originally wanted but seems to be a somewhat smoother transition from the abstracts than the wrapping paper (althought it's darn cute!). Does that make sense? And do we worry entirely too much about detail?

  2. I have to say that you have an incredible eye for color and style. Looking at pictures of your house is a real treat.

  3. Thanks! I feel the same way about glimpses into your home.

  4. Oh oh oh, the after powder room looks amazing. Well done! Hello from your latest follower :)


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