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February 1, 2011

Hooray For Mail

I love getting mail that isn't a utility bill (or worse).  Months ago my grandparents sent me a box of homemade cookies in the mail, which was so cute.  Just now they sent us a belated wedding gift from a relative in Hungary (see here for more info on our wedding) . . .

My relative in Hungary hand embroidered this beautiful table doily (for lack of a better word).  I'm not normally into the "frilly" but this is so gorgeous.  I love the white on white. 

It still has to "relax" a bit from being folded for so long.
My grandma said an old Hungarian trick is to lie it between the mattress and boxspring

I've seen a lot of colourful Hungarian embroidery (I have a few small pieces and also some articles of clothing, including a bitchin' embroidered wool jacket) but not many pieces with the white on white.  So pretty!  Its neat, too, because the embroidery styles vary from region to region. 



I wanted to put it on the kitchen table, but I think it might be too messy in there . . .

. . . so for now the puffins have a new home (they used to living on the dining room table; see here).

I am thinking a big, pottery bowl will look great on the new embroidery.  The puffins looked weird on the embroidery.  I'm thinking one of the stunningly simple Shane Norrie pieces I have been ogling (see here) would look amazing.


This embroidery, by the way, is so gorgeously done that it took me a few hours to realize I had it backward.



  1. That is gorgeous! Imagine the hours that went into that. I agree, one large bowl would look beautiful.

  2. Oh, my that satin stitch embroidery on top of a crocheted piece? It's stunning. My grandmother crocheted beautifully, but I've never seen the embroidery added. That makes it even more spectacular. I like the bowl idea too.

    I loved your wedding pictures. Your dress was perfection. In fact, the whole thing was.

    And I smiled all the way though, thinking how many times my daughter and I have done the "that thing...and that other thing" bit...and "No more rhyming now. I mean it. Anybody want a peanut?"

  3. It is hard to explain, but it wasn't crocheted. It was embroidered on solid cloth, then the detail was cut away and finished off.

    I love that there are other Princess Bride fans out there!! I'm totally giggling now, thinking of other lines from the movie ;)

  4. Oh, so beautiful! It looks like a piece from Kalocsa, but usually they have coloured embroidery, I do like the white on white though. The amount of work in it is just stunning. You are so lucky! It's amazing how they look almost as neat on the wrong side as the right.


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