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February 3, 2011

Inspiration: Fancy Garages

Despite the fact that my neighbour's car is literally buried under a whopping load of snow, I have to hold on to the belief that spring will be here soon.  I grow weary of winter . . .   

I snapped this last night.

Check out these icicles - its like an ice octopus is sitting on the roof;
we need to do some insulating, methinks.

The groundhog didn't see his shadow yesterday.  Yay - spring!  Would a groundhog lie?  Well, we spotted this guy lying around during the summer, while we were tearing stuff up and out.  So, I guess that groundhogs do lie.  Hahaha.  I've been drinking lots of expired Neocitran and it has gone to my head.

With spring in mind, I've been thinking about the garage (which was a total flippin' disaster when we moved in - see here):

We have big plans to make it functional and attractive.  (There's way more crap in there now, but I'm not taking a new photo - did I mention the blizzardy weather?  I'm staying in).  Below are pictures of some pretty impressive garages.  We won't have tons of room, because we are super strange and park our car in there, but we definitely want to brighten it up. 


This one looks fancier than my kitchen:


Do garages thrill you the way pretty rooms do?


  1. When we had a garage, it always filled up with stuff. We'd clean it out, tidy it up, and a month or so later it was a disaster again. We have a carport now and we have to deal with things that come out of the house instead of throw them in the garage. However, you should see our basement! Not pretty. The garages you posted are beautiful. I have a feeling yours will be very stylish and tidy.

  2. The first thing that we wanted to do when we got the house was to paint the garage and the garage floor. We love pretty garages...but we didn't have the chance to do anything with it. It is a laundry place + storage, which is sad.

    You inspire me to do something about it!

  3. Like Midcenturymadam, I had a garage at my previous home and it stayed full of all the things I was too lazy to bring inside or put into the attic. I have a detached carport/workshop behind my house, and that has solved my problem.

    That being said, I love the picture of the garage with the counterspace and green wall. That would cheer me up every time I walked in.


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