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February 23, 2011

Keep Your Eye on the Sugar Bowl

When I blogged about my office my mom spotted the tiny orange bowl on the bookshelf.  She wants it.  And now she will be within pilfering distance (I'm leaving for the airport to pick her up right now!!)  Since I stole her Lotte lamps, I think the sugar bowl is fair game.  In the event that it goes missing after her visit, here is an ode to the sugar bowl.

How did she even see it?!?

I picked the bowl up at a yard sale because the colour was so great.  I saw the Shelley logo and, thanks to my china-happy grandmother, knew that Shelley is valuable.  I calmly handed over my $2.00 and skipped back to the car.  Once home, I looked through hundreds of pictures of Shelley china until I found similar pieces and eventually found out what this is: a sugar bowl, of the Harmony Dripware series.  It was produced 1924-1940 - the different hallmark can indicate approximately when a piece was made.  I'm no expert, just a patient googler.  Click here for a great guide on Shelley china.

So, keep an eye out for this logo:

Or one of these:


I might be in need of a replacement bowl . . .

For some more eye candy check out these other gorgeous pieces which, sadly, I do not own:

What mine would look like, as a proper set


What fabulously finds have you found?


  1. I wasn't familiar with Shelley. Thanks for sharing! Those colors and drips are gorgeous. I'm always laughing at how much you and your mother sound like my daughter and me. Its a wonder we don't wear things out moving them from my house to hers and back. She appropriated my largest swung vase, and there's a metal table that's been traded so many times it's a miracle it's still in one piece. :)

  2. Hide the sugar bowl!! You should probably hide the lamps too. Sorry Mom.

  3. I agree with Midcenturymadam! Hide the sugar bowl! Make some sugar treats instead! Maybe some sugar cookies? That would work for me!

  4. I would hide the sugar bowl lol... but it is lovely that's for sure :)

  5. You are all too funny! I told my mom what everyone's comments were and she made such a sad face. If you saw her "sad face," you'd have a harder time keeping the prized sugar bowl from her ;)


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