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February 10, 2011

Lamp Love (Lost)

How does the saying go?  "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me," right? 

Last fall (a year and a half ago) when my mom was visiting me, she and I went to an antique show.  I bought this great vintage Lotte lamp (no shade, so I bought a crisp white drum shade):

And even though my mom lives 1500 km away, she bought a pair of vintage Lotte lamps (again, shade-less) from the same vendor.  The plan was that when hubby and I drove back to our hometown for a visit (we drive at least once a year), I'd bring her the lamps.  He he he.  They looked so good in the living room, that the delivery was never made . . . 

Well, the other day my mom was trolling online kijiji ads in my city (which hubby finds hugely entertaining) and she found a NEW pair of lamps.  I went and picked them up from the seller (who I actually, randomly met at an estate sale earlier the same day) for her just recently.  [As a side note, he works in the estate sale business so hubby & I learned all kinds of neat things.  The three of us chatted for an hour.  And, I haggled!  I asked if the price was his "friendliest price" and the gentleman knocked a third off the price.  Awesome experience.]  Anyway, now I have another gorgeous pair of my "mom's" lamps sitting in my house. 

Which of my rooms do you think they will look good in???  They are super tall, by the way - nice statement pieces.

Just kidding, mom.


  1. The lamps are great. They will make a statement wherever you decide to put them. I am a new follower. I invite you to check out my blog too.

  2. hahaha My daughter and I swipe things from each other all the time. When she started her swung vase collection, she came in and looked at a large one I had and said, "You're going to give that to me because you love me, right?" Jeeeeeeze, how can I mom say no to that? LOL

    The lamps are gorgeous. I'd have a hard time giving them up once I had my paws on them.

    Tell your mom we want to see pictures of her house too.

  3. Dang, those are great! I'd have a hard time parting with any of them haha. That orange is killer!

  4. Tanya, "you're going to give those to me because you love me, right"? Thank you, thank you Dana@Mid2Mod for coming to my rescue, you were inspirational. I am LOL as well. Your cunning plan has worked, Tanya, hope you enjoyed my comment :D

  5. Hahaha. Susie O. is my mom! She finally posted a comment!

  6. Sooooo, you're the one who beat the sweet poor old man into a quivering heap. Nice to put a face to the vixen. He called you that sweet couple but I'm going to fire this off to him after I post and let him know about your big eyed sad face act ;o)

    Isn't the Ottawa Valley a teeny tiny place....afterall?

    1. Hmmmm, not sure if "quivering heap" is quite accurate, lol. I just asked if there was a better price and he immediately offered! Nice to hear he also enjoyed chatting with us. I love meeting new people.

    2. He said lot's of nice things about you and your hubby. He thought you were both delightful and was pleased when I forwarded this page to him.

      You do know that when we find something we find exciting we do hold out hopes that they'll find wonderful homes too....just like the lamps did!


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