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February 22, 2011

Light up the Half Bath

Countdown to my mom's visist - attempt #2 (she never was able to fly in December).  We've been tidying up the guest room and half bath for her arrival.  Still little to report on the decorating front, but we did install the light fixture from the main bath in here:

Ta da

If you recall, I wasn't a huge fan of this light fixture.  So we replaced it with a better one in the main bath.  Why did I move it here if I wasn't 100% in love with it?  Because this is what was here before:

So ugly, I didn't always notice it was crooked . . .

Frankly, anything was better.  And the light fixture from the main bath looks better here - I think the scale was too small for the main bath.  Plus, if I'm being honest, I hate being wasteful, but you might know that about me already.  Sadly, it is still super boring in the half bath (I just can't find any nice, white frames!):

But, remember, it looked like this before we tore it apart, so bland is an improvement:

Yup, we might move at a glacial pace, but we'll get it done!!


  1. That fixture looks good there. I had to laugh at the old one, because I (and everyone else in North America) replaced those in my last house. Your generation isn't to blame...but why did mine think those were pretty in the first place? They must have made us feel like movie stars! :)

  2. They do remind me of green room make up application lights. Scary thing is, they still sell oodles of them at stores like home depot. They make fancier, ornate ones too! No one is safe.

  3. The bathroom is looking so beautiful! I love the new light fixture. Slowly, but surely! It will get done! = )

  4. I think the new light fixture fits really nicely! And I love that mirror!

  5. It looks really nice there! It's the perfect size for that bath.

  6. Looks great, and I love all the photos you took. Should be fun to watch it progress.

    Thanks so much for visiting my poetry/ photography blog. Always wonderful to meet a fellow Queen's grad!

  7. Looks great. What a huge improvement.

  8. your light fixture looks perfect especially compared to old one's. I am sure your Mom will be happy and surprised when she visits you. Best of luck.


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