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February 16, 2011

Lighting Conundrum: Feedback Appreciated

Remember I complained about the bathroom light fixture I picked under duress?  Well, we purchased a new one and things didn't go as planned, due to a lack of planning.  I'll explain.  (Click here if you haven't seen the bathroom in its 70s pink phase!)

So, if you recall, here's the bathroom:

Here's a manufacturer's picture of the light fixture:


Funny thing is, that light fixture was already my second attempt, as evidenced by the little note my dad (who did the switcheroo for us) left:

I had originally picked this one out, but it kept burning out the light bulbs and they were a special size the store I bought it from did not carry.  Bah.  


Third time's the charm, right?  So we took down the old fixture:

It is all ready to be moved to its new home: the half bath

We lived with a work lamp for a couple days while we waited for putty and paint to dry:

Super convenient, let me tell you

Hurriedly, we headed to the new Lowe's to pick a new fixture.  I was so excited because they have this system where you pick a fixture and the shade you like.  I love mix & match!  And look at the selection:

Ooo, ahhhh

We picked a fixture we like and that goes well in the bathroom because its not too modern, not too yawn-worthy.  We installed, no problem . . .

. . . but then we put the mirror back.  Crap.  Someone (me) was so excited they didn't measure.

Hubby didn't really see the problem

Not eager for a fourth attempt, we flipped them upside down.  Tell me: does it look weird???



  1. I must say it's quite a creative solution! It reminds me of the Bryant from Restoration Hardware too -

  2. Ooo - that is a nice light fixture! I think the one I have is meant to be pointed upwards or downwards, I just wasn't sure if it looked odd facing upwards. . .

  3. seems like a good solution to me. As long as the light it casts works well, I think it looks fine pointing up. xo

  4. What a great solution. I actually like it better than before. Great work.

  5. I think it works great! As long as the light cast works well, I think it looks quite modern, and fits in with the rest of the bathroom.

  6. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. In the background you can hear my hubby say "whew" because there is no need to replace it. The light it casts is great - a bit less direct than before, but still bright enough to apply makeup and all that jazz. With four bulbs, even 40 watts is sufficient, but I can always switch to 60 for more light.

  7. I agree that it looks fine pointing up, and I do believe I like it better that way too.

  8. Funny! I had the same problem with my bathroom light fixture. It is now pointing up. I think it looks pretty good, but now I have to actually dust the light bulbs or it smells like something burning when I turn on the lights. Darn.

  9. Rats! Dusting light bulbs is no fun. I haven't had that problem (yet). I am a hairspray fanatatic - maybe it scares the dust away! Lol.


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