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February 15, 2011

Searching . . .

. . .  for an ornate frame.  I'm planning to DIY (would that be DIM? do it myself?) a magnetic chalkboard for the office and want to mount it in a frame like the one below, but painted (white, black, bright colour???)  I already used a similar frame for another DIY project (see here) but now I'm having some trouble finding a frame.  Every one I spot in the classifieds has some painting that the sellers think is worth a fortune.  Sigh.  I just want your ugly frames, people.  

Apparently this painting is super special . . .

My plan is something similar to these lovely projects:




Wish me luck!  Sooner I find a frame, sooner I can DIY something awesome which means the sooner I can post some pics of my office even more spruced up.  (See here for pictures of my office as it is).

What are you searching for these days?


  1. I have had my mind on a few Spring time crafts. I really need winter to be over!!!

  2. I love that idea. I really like the black frame
    at the top. I do see frames around like that every so often. Maybe I'll give it a go if I find one cheap enough.

  3. Great idea! Too bad you don't have Hobby Lobby and their 50%-off frame weeks.

  4. i know what you mean! even at goodwill, people are asking for $$ for those frames. i'm not lusting after your kitty cat needlepoint, sister!


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