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February 4, 2011

Teeny Tiny Valentine's Day Gifts

Because my hubby thinks washer fluid is an awesome gift, we don't exchange presents (although he has given me a few great gifts in the last decade, like a subscription to Domino magazine!).  It seems like a moot point to us now, though, because we collapsed our finances years ago.  It seems less "gift-y" when it comes from the same pot of money.  So, Valentine's Day?  Yawn. 

But even though I won't remember it is Valentine's Day on February 15th 14th, I enjoy these teeny, tiny decorative dishes, designed with Valentine's Day in mind.  I keep little dishes like this in a cupboard by the kitchen sink, in the bathroom vanity, etc., because I'm always doffing my wedding ring (soap is impossible to get out of it).

Lovebird bowl duo in teal
Lovebird Bowl Duo by Prince Design UK

I MISS YOU tiny text bowl by Paloma's Nest
Tiny Text Bowl by Paloma's Nest

Are you a little less boring than us?  Do you have fun plans or gifts planned?  Come on, let me live vicariously.

P.S.  Yes, I've been on etsy again.  Someone stop me.  If I actually order something it will break the seal and I'll go nuts.  Ebay and I had a similar relationship.  I had to quit cold turkey.


  1. Nope, no Valentine's Day plans here. My late partner Carl, while quite an extraordinary man otherwise, was a questionable gift buyer at best. He knew me better than anyone on earth ever has, yet one Valentine's Day he gave me a hideously garish stuffed animal that literally left me speechless. (I'm SO not the stuffed animal type, even a tasteful one!!!) I did finally squeeze out a Thank You, but I'm not sure it was very convincing. The next year he gave me a large James Avery heart charm on a heavy Sundance link bracelet that was big and bold and just to my taste. I never quite knew what to expect from Carl. Predictable he was not! Ah, good memories that are making me smile.

    I love those dishes. I keep a stack of small Russel Wright lug bowls beside my sink for the same purpose.

  2. AWWW I love that tiny text bowl. And the lovebird bowls are just ah-dorable.

    We agreed not to do anything this V-day, maybe just go out eat something good on the Sunday...but I do have a couple of surprise gift ideas..hmmm...not sure!

  3. These are seriously pretty! I love Etsy and can totally sympathize with your hankerings.
    We certainly don't exchange Valentines gifts but... wait for it... we usually go on a date which consists of walking 2 miles to Wendys to eat burgers. Our rationale is, it's the one time each year we eat that kind of food, and it's always deserted in there, because who on earth would take their date to a place like that? I get a kick out of the $15 bill. ;)

  4. Wow, fabulous Etsy finds! I especially love those bird bowls. Uh oh.... x


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