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February 13, 2011

Inspiration: Too Gorgeous for Words

I love this "sneak peak" from Design Sponge of the home of Jennifer McGarigle.  Below are two of my favorite pics.  So gorgeous!  You should check out the sofa she had recovered.  Swoon.  




  1. I know purists shudder when they see painted furniture, but I love the occasional mix of a colored table with natural wood chairs. That green table is beautiful.

  2. How wonderful is that table with the mid-century chairs!

    As Dana so rightly said the folks who OCD over wood might not like it but having lived in a log house I can promise you that all wood...all the time...gets very tired very quickly.

    This is far more jazzy and I'm very tempted to loose the mid-century set I have now and do this to a table so I can use my stashed Thonet chairs.


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