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February 25, 2011

We Can Buy Food Again

Say "hello" to our new fridge.  The LG LTN19315SW


I bought it in the white, but its easier to see in the black:


It is goin' in here:

See more pictures here

Gosh - if you ever shop for a fridge, don't wait until your current fridge dies.  Surprisingly, a fridge is not typically something you can bring home the same day. 

Here's what I learned:
  • Super hard to find a modern looking fridge with a freezer on top (they are "out")
  • The fridge has to suit your purposes, not what is trendy
  • Shop around!  Prices really vary store to store
  • Big box stores sometimes have the "lowest" price because they don't include delivery or disposal of an old fridge
  • When Home Depot tells you it can't be done, tell them they are wrong

I will save you the boring details of fridge shopping.  Found lots I wanted and couldn't afford, found lots I could afford but didn't want.  Found one I liked and we could afford.  I love the way the interior is laid out, it looks nice, the quality is good, and the price was right.  Home Depot told me I'd have to wait until March 21st and that every vendor would say the same.  I phoned every appliance store in town and the delivery times varied from next day to a month. 

In the end, I went to Corbeil Appliances where the fridge I wanted was $200 cheaper than Home Depot, plus delivery & removal of the dead fridge was free!  So, in the end I saved about $300.  Shocker, right?  And, I am getting the fridge delivered today (it is 1:00am - this counts as Friday).  Here's hoping the delivery is problem-free.  Seems too good to be true . . .

I promise some new pics of the kitchen when the fridge is set up.     


  1. Glad you found a fridge you like and were able to get it delivered so quickly. Appliance problems are such a pain!

  2. I remember the adventures and frustrations of finding appliances we liked and then getting it on time.

    It great you found what you like and was able to get it delivered.

  3. I like the ones with the freezer on top too.

  4. I'm stuck in the olden days because I remember my grandma's freezer drawer on the bottom. Those are my favorite. NOt what I have now, but still my favorite. I'm so thankful that you found what you wanted at a good price point and immediate delivery. That rocks! Couldn't ask for more.

  5. What's funny is that bottom mount freezers are really "in". I guess nothing is really "new" anymore. I think appliance trends are silly in some ways - we should all buy what suits our own needs. If you do love a bottom mount freezer, you'll have no trouble finding one should you choose to replace your fridge.

  6. P.S. Delivery WAS awesome. Total "white glove". There was not a mark on my fridge and delivery was prompt (on time to the minute) and efficient.


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