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March 2, 2011

Bookcase Tweaking

I wanted to (finally) share some pictures of two of the goodies I acquired this weekend, during my shopping splurge with my visiting mom.  To do that, I'm posting some pictures of my bookcase tweaking.  Because I'm a PhD student, my home office bookcase is used daily, so I find it tricky to "curate" it in a way that is still accessible and useful (you know how I hate inaccessible books).  On the other hand, it is pretty much the only thing I see from my desk and I grew weary of looking at a boring bookcase.  So I tackled it this weekend and here are the fruits of my labour:

The "Before":




I know, I know - not a huge difference.  But there are more notable pops of colour (mmmm, orange), the books have been grouped more by colour and I de-cluttered some of the messier areas.  I moved my grandpa's sculpture (to a better place) and added a vintage piece that adds a pop of colour. 

I turned this so more of the pretty colour shows

Here is one of my weekend finds that added some life to the shelves.  A vintage vase from Switzerland.  Don't really know anything about it, other than I like it!

Here's a second find: a vintage Hull pottery piece.  I purchased this from someone on kijiji.  The seller lives out of town, so they dropped it off to me.  But as soon as they pulled away, I saw a chip (the seller thought it was a firing flaw, but sadly it is not).  She's offered me a refund, but it is so perfect in the office . . . Don't know what to do.  Thoughts?

Grrr.  A chip.

So, that is my spruced up bookcase with two of my weekend finds (there's more!).  I am trying to incorporate more colour and pattern to brighten up and pull together the office.  Here is the other corner.  I love the light that my desk lamp casts when the sun hits it.  (Click here for more office photos).

P.S. This is my 200th post!


  1. The bookcase looks great. Its amazing what a little rearranging will do!

  2. Little changes made a big difference! Love the restyled shelves. The pottery is a great piece too.

  3. The bookcase looks great...and your mom didn't take the bowl. :) Congrats on the 200th post.

  4. She hasn't taken it yet. She's still visiting me . . . ;)


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