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March 8, 2011

Build a Simple + Modern Medicine Cabinet Door

In our main bathroom, we replaced every single thing except the wall mounted medicine cabinet (to the right of the vanity). 

Although we kept the cabinet, that was built into the wall, the door was immediately jettisoned.  Here it is, in the garage:

See ya!
Unable to find a nice (cheap) door to fit our cabinet, we made a simple one! 

It was super easy!  We took a piece of plywood (a leftover) and cut it to size.  We painted it the same white as the walls and trim (really, really should have remembered to prime) and then installed.  We purchased a touch magnetic closure from Lee Valley so there are no knobs or anything to draw attention to the cabinet.  We also chose a really subtle and low profile hinge.

On the cabinet base
One the inside of the door
Just like with the kitchen cabinets (see here), we used a bit of white caulking to hide the bit where the existing cabinet (built into the wall) was a touch off from the house.  We found out everything is our house is just a little bit not square.

Before caulking
Ta da!
Such a cheap and easy solution.  And yes, we're working on the off colour outlets and switches.  A never ending list indeed.


  1. Nice work. It looks like its pretty easy to do.

  2. Love this look! It is like a "secret cabinet" and totally blends in with the decor of the room! Sometimes you just have to DIY rather than count on the manufacturers to fix your dilemmas ;)

  3. I love a cheap solution! Nice work. Going custom is surely a waste fo cash when you can do this instead : )
    I am loving your mirror lights, very classic and pretty!


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