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March 29, 2011

Laundry Room Pondering

I put so few things in the dryer that I have a clothesline installed in our basement.  Makes the basement look so messy.  (Technically, it is retractable but the darn retractability broke.  Grrr).  The basement and laundry are long over due for an overhaul (and some drywall).  So, I've been ogling laundry rooms (and basements, in general) with more intensity, for inspiration.  I will work up the courage to show you our laundry room soon.

This lovely laundry room belongs to Elsa, from Casa Greer.  Just look at the clever rod installed so items can be hung up to dry!  I also appreciate that the laundry room doesn't even have a fancy new machine/dryer combo in it.

Photo via Made by Girl

Vic, the fabulous mind behind the lovely blog Ish & Chi, had a studio space similar to my laundry room but she transformed it into something amazing. 

Ish & Chi

Ish & Chi

Ish & Chi

Practical, feasible and pretty?  Sign me up.
Have you found a drool-worthy laundry room or basement?  I'd love to see!

P.S. I'll be internet-less for a few days.  But I'll be back online Friday.  Have an amazing week!


  1. Oh ,I love the first one :) It's so pretty with the blue stripes.

  2. I love the walls of the first laundry room!

  3. Yes, I love the first one too. So simple, but so nice!

  4. Ahh a beautiful laundry room is a thing to behold! Best of luck with yours - I'm sure it will be amazing when it's done. :)


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