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March 20, 2011

Must-see Goodies

Do you follow Maurice & King?  If not, you must head there immediately.  I am constantly wowed by the beautifully curated & inspirational photos: art, jewellery, gorgeously designed rooms - you name it!  Just recently, I fell in love with Roddy & Ginger, courtesy of Maurice & King

Check out these gorgeous prints!  Roddy & Ginger make pencil cases, aprons, pillow cases . . . so many goodies.  And the styling is so eye-catching.  I want.

ON SALE Sardana screenprint in blue and olive

Pomegranate tree print in olive and teal

Happy birds cushion in olive and grey on white linen

little owl pencil case

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  1. They are so quirky and I love the combinaiton of steel, aqua and olive green. Very nice : )


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