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March 7, 2011

Nightstand Vignette

I love a good nightstand vingette:

Style at Home
My favorite!  Love the scale, crisp white & silver, plus the artwork

Living Etc.
Great lamps and nice pop of yellow

West Elm
Great balance of soothing colours and
nice contrasting shapes (square lamp, rounded vases)

Living Etc.
So simple but elegant - a unique vase with a single flower

I always struggle with curating a nightstand because I like things to be practical.  Practical for me involves a place for books, my glasses, something to drink, etc., and decorative items can get in the way.  And I tend to knock them over while frantically trying to turn off the alarm.  As a result, sometimes my nighstands look naked.  But I'm slowly learning to style tables in a way that looks pretty but is still functional.  For me, this means:
  1. A nice, big lamp
  2. Ideally a two shelved table (top for "pretty" & bottom for "stuff")
  3. One or two larger scale decorative pieces
So, for me, something like this is too cluttered:
West Elm
Pretty, but no room on that table . . .

Keeping in mind the first few photos of nightstands I love and my newfound "rules," I made an addition to the guest room nightstand which, if you recall, was pretty much just a lamp & a clock:


I aimed to add one more element (groupings of three!) and looked for a piece of the right scale and colour.  Happily, I found one in my mom's curio cabinet.  Haha.  She actually took it from me, years ago, but it is mine again!


I like it!  The vase adds a bit more colour and interest to the nightstand (especially with some cheery Costco flowers!), but still provies guests ample room for a stack of books, cellphone or glass of water:

What does a nightstand need to make you happy?  What are your styling tricks?


  1. Your vignette looks lovely! I like a drawer to help hide all of the magazines that end up by my bed.

  2. I really like the subtle play of colors in your vignette. Beautifully done! My nightstands (and preferably even my end tables) have to have drawers. I like them fairly small too. Right now I have a lamp and a small turquoise boomerang dish (for rings, glasses) on one and a lamp and a Moonbeam clock on the other. Not much of a vignette but very serviceable.

  3. Thanks ladies! I used to have nightstands with drawers too. I loved just shoving away magazines and such. When my grandpa made our current nightstands (which are drawer-less) I had to learn to live without . . . Funny how we adapt.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love this lamp and your arrangement looks so good!

  5. Love this room! Can you please let me know where you found this funky retro lamp?

  6. Thanks for your kind words!

    The lamp is a vintage Lotte lamp, with a new white shade. I found it at an antique show, but Lotte lamps are still in production today. Your local mid-century shop might be able to order one (many carry Lotte lamps) or you can check out the website: Your online classifieds and estate sales can be a good source for vintage Lotte lamps too.

    Good luck!


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