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March 22, 2011

The Real McCoy

Hubby & I took a friend grocery shopping this weekend but we were early to pick her up, so we sauntered over to a vintage shop and look what I found:

I added it to the other turquoise McCoy planters I have:

You likely already know of my collection love (esp. McCoy Pottery):
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I enjoy collecting for the thrill of the hunt.  The largest McCoy planter, on the top shelf, was a yard sale score!  (My newest acquisition was a splurge).  But I also love collections for the design statement they make:

Via I'm So Vintage

I'm working on my collection, slowly but surely.  I'll post a new photo of the whole lot, soon.  You know I never grow tired of asking: what do you collect?

P.S. Click here for a great article about recognizing the "Real McCoy" pottery markings.


  1. The new piece is beautiful, and it looks perfect with the rest of your turquoise. I scour eBay daily for the store, so if I run across anything I think would make you swoon, I'll let you know.

  2. Oh I love your new find! I don't really collect anything. Maybe I should start :o)

  3. They are so pretty . I love the color and the texture on them :)

  4. Aren't they fabulous! I'm very partial to planters. xx

  5. So pretty! It's shaping up to be a beautiful collection! :)

  6. whoa! I don't collect anything. Not intentionally, at least. However, once the kids grow up, I may take on something, who knows? How did collecting came to you? out of the blue?

  7. I think the urge to collect is somehow natural for me - I used to stuff my pockets with rocks as a kid, for my massive rock collection. But collecting McCoy pottery is because of my grandma. She was always on the lookout for McCoy at yard sales and antique stores, so I grew up thinking it was valuable and important. When I found a small turquoise planter for a good price one day, I bought it. That turned into another and another, then my grandma(s) both gave me ones they had. I actually have 15 (pictured in other posts - linked to in this post) including some green, pink, white and even a yellow one. Now I'm trying to not buy so randomly and focus on grouping in those colours. And I tend not to look online - I like a memory & place attached to each one.

  8. Now that's a true collection! Better said - a true collector! One that doesn't just pick things because they're from the same family, but because there's also something attached to them, a affective pattern. We'll see if that catches up with me too.. ;)


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