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April 12, 2011

Abstract Painting Completed

Yesterday morning I blogged about how the weather was dreary.  Well, it cleared up midday, but I was busy filling out an application for a scholarship (that required a medical - sheesh).  By the time I was ready to take some pictures it was becoming overcast again but I took pictures anyway, thinking it would only get drearier.  Then I went back to work on the application and when I took a break for dinner it was brighter, but the sun was heading downwards.  The lesson here is that the weather is seriously screwing with me.

But I prevailed.  I have some photos to share, although they are a touch gloomier than I prefer.

Remember this blank wall in our kitchen?

Now it looks like this:


From the other angle

This is without natural light - darn cloudy skies!

Yep, this is the painting I started days and days ago.  When it comes to non-essential projects I operate on "Tanya Time," which runs a bit delayed due to frequently distractions. 

Tomorrow (possibly Wednesday . . . Thursday if we're talking Tanya Time) I will post about how I DIY'd this painting.  Along with blogging about what I did (which is really straightforward) I'll show you what colours I mixed to produce crisper pastels or vintage-y pastels (there's a trick).  I will also post about the other, newer splashes of colour peppered about the kitchen and what elements of the room served as my inspiration.  It has certainly been a while since I posted anything new about the kitchen (other than the post about the fridge).  Let's hope the sunlight cooperates!


  1. Gorgeous! I absolutely love your color palette.

  2. Very nice, loving the colours too : )

  3. I love it! It goes so well that that fantastic mid century modern table and chairs! M.

  4. It's gorgeous and looks awesome on your wall!

  5. I love the color palette! That one spot of yellowy-green on the right really makes the whole painting feel more modern. Awesome!

  6. LOVE it! I've been working on some circle paintings as well. Yours is much better though. Hoping to post something today. Been crazy busy. xo

  7. The art is awesome, but I'm totally enthralled by your kitchen table/chair set! What a cute sitting area!


  8. That is a beautiful painting. "Tanya time" is the best when it comes to creating art, because then you know that it really is created from the heart. Lovely :)

  9. that dining table and chairs are awesome! loving the artwork, totally suits. go you!

  10. I love it! Great job. I feel your pain with the light for taking pics. Its been raining here for days and makes such lousy light for taking blog pics!


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