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April 8, 2011

DIY Potential: Silhouette Inspired Art

In the comments from yesterday's post about silhouettes, Dana, from the fabulous Mid2Mod, mentioned that silhouettes tend to be a bit less modern than her style and taste dictate.  And she's right.  I have some funky mid-century silhouettes but also some older, late 1800's silhouettes.  (As a bonus history tip, the art of making silhouettes originated in the 18th century but has remained popular for centuries!)  If you like the idea of a silhouette, here are some lovely modern (and DIY friendly) ideas for artwork that capture the feel of a silhouette in a fresh new way. 

You could try a silhouette of a flower or leaf in a fun, crisp colour:

Via Made by Girl

Or, instead of a bust or stuffy pose, try silhouettes of fun poses - you could trace family pictures or even magazine images and then cut out of black paper.  Gina, from the Temporary Nest, has a great tutorial - click here.

Playful Silhouette Art
Photo Source

Or try a bold colour combo, like this red silhouette on a printed fabric stretched and mounted:


Have you seen any great modern takes on silhouettes?  Speaking of DIY, I'm almost finished the painting I started weeks ago.  Once it is dry, I will attach some hanging hardware and post some pics.


  1. I would love to try and do it myself. I cant wait to see your painting!

  2. Love the very first one you posted, because it looks like something my artistically challenged self could accomplish, ha! :)

  3. Oh, these are fabulous. I may have found a new love! Gone forever are my preconceived notions about silhouettes.

  4. I love the flower silhouette on the purple background in the white bathroom.Looks very cool:)

  5. i'm really slow when it comes to photoshop, but i've been trying to make a silhouette of my pit bull, with his big, floppy yoda ears sticking out!

  6. I love that flower on purple... wonder if I could pull something like that off??

  7. Thanks for putting a modern twist on these! It sometimes seems the blogosphere is lacking modern inspiration so your blog is always a breath of fresh air.

  8. I love silhouettes! What a great post - I almost did one for my wedding invite, here's a great example from our paper vendor:

  9. Really like the Curbly idea.


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