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April 4, 2011

Green With Envy

Originally, I fell in love with the photo below because someday - when we live in a home that isn't a condo - I want to be able to paint my front door some bright, cheery colour of my choosing & pair it with an awesome mailbox (not the standard issue front door/mailbox combo we have).  But then I started noticing this lovely, springy green everywhere . . .

Style at Home
Apartment Therapy

Via House of Turquoise

Via EAD Living



  1. Hey Tanya,
    I LOVE all your inspiration photos! I have had that second one saved forever because it's just so perfect. :) Thanks for commenting on our master bath remodel. Now I'm wondering what room I can add some of this fun green to next!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  2. I was inspired by a similar picture that inspired me to paint my front door a similar green. I was unsure about it and now people say they love my green door!

  3. What a great color! It looks so beautiful next to crisp white walls. I think we are ready for spring!

  4. P.S. Can you tell I heart this colour honestly? Check out my scarf in my profile pic (to the right) and the pattern in my blog header (above). I'm a genuine fan. Even the text colour . . .

  5. I LOVE using this color as well. I have pops of it all over my apartment. By the way, passed on the "stylish blog" award to you :)

  6. Thanks Amy! I'm looking forward to passing the award on. And I love that you revealed you read books on vacation. I thought I was the only nerd . . .

  7. I've pinned this exact photo- love the mcm-styling that the front entrance gets. I am still wavering between this and a pumpkin orange inspired by Lauren Leiss of Pure Style Home.

    I found this same green over 4 yrs ago and painted under our kitchen cabinets. It wasn't much painted wall so when we remodelled the kitchen, we skipped upper cabinets and I painted this green on one wall (without cabinets, it is a whole feature wall). Next to the other white walls, it is fresh and springy.
    However, I have now been living with this green for a few years and am considering painting over this wall in black chalkboard paint. More neutral with all black and white so that I can have add whatever colour accents I want. Kinda going for a neutral mod-scandanavian, white & wood with some black.
    But I do love this colour- maybe after changing the kitchen to chalkboard, I will choose this awesome green for the front door.

    1. Even the best colours become old news to us when we've had them for awhile! Chalkboard sounds fun! And moving this colour to your front door will make me so jealous.


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