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April 28, 2011

Half Bath: Fresh Start

Although I tend to work at a snail's pace when it comes to projects (I call it "Tanya Time"), I really stalled on the half bath attached to the guest room.  I loved the accessories (click here to see them, plus a shot of the hideous yellow 70s bathroom that this room previously was) but I couldn't work with them.  I was really dragging my feet figuring out artwork, etc., and it was hard to create a nice transition from the guest bedroom, which has a lot of watery hues.  After my mom gifted me some polka dot towels in a pale blue/turquoise, I realized the bathroom needed a fresh start. 

So, I'm back to square one and the bathroom is even more spartan - if that is at all possible - but I'm feeling more excited about the room.  Of course, the light fixture switcheroo (see here & here) helped and I have a great art project in mind for the big empty space. 

Before I dive in any deeper, what are your suggestions?  Have any of your rooms really stumped you?

You can see the towels in the mirror

This glass dish was a cheap-o estate sale find.  It isn't a
soap dish but I'm using it as one!


  1. Love the bathroom Tan...I don't think you can go wrong with crisp white and turquoise. It's so fresh. I love your vanity, and tapware, will keep in mind for when we eventually get stuck into the bathroom!

  2. I'm eager to see what those wheels turning in your head will produce. I've been in my house for five years, and the kitchen still isn't finished. If you leave a room on the back burner long enough, you finally get used to it half-done. :(

  3. okay I swear that that was the same cabinet setting we had growing up, handles and all.
    loving the polka dot towels
    oh many a room has stumped me and it is so frustrating.
    My downstairs half bath is really needing help but until we can get new tile laid and a new sink cabinet it will just be sparse.
    Good luck I am sure it will all turn out great it already looks so delightful.

  4. A blank slate can be so much fun and at times a bit perplexing. Your towels are a great color to work with. I'm sure your eye for color and design combined with your artistic talents, will result in a phenomonal make-over.

  5. Tan, that's a gorgeous blue on the towel that really works with the cabinet, imo. I am exccited to see what you come up.

  6. How about some board and batten? I think a pale grey on the walls would look great. Love the towels!

  7. So excited to see what you do! That little dish is so cute!



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