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April 22, 2011

Help Me Pick A Colour, Any Colour

Well, as long as it is from my "approved" list:

But if you have a better colour choice, I am all ears . . .

What are we picking the colour for?  My office (newly adorned with a silhouette gallery wall & fancy magnetic board) is one of our less colourful rooms.  In an effort to create more "flow," I have been injecting some pops of colour so it suits the rest of the townhouse décor.  Remember my bookcase tweaking post?  I'm on a roll.  So, next on the lengthy list of things I plan to spray paint when it is no longer freezing is another office item: a garbage can.

My mom found it yard-saling and had grand plans for it that never came to fruition (hey, she has a long to-do list too).  Somehow (yoink) it became mine.  It has been hiding beside the bed and I have been using a white vase in the office, but it is time to switch things up.

Using a vase as a garbage can

I've been using this pillow my mom DIY'd, from fabric she bought in her teens, as my colour inspiration for the office.  Scroll down for other office pics and then give me your feedback on what colour I should choose for my newest project!  But, because weather is a factor please don't expect a "results" post until July, August - you know, when it stops hailing.  Stupid Ontario. 

A bit more orange was added to the bookcase

This chair & footstool never photographs as "warm" as it is in
real life but this is a pretty good indication of the colour, which is a sort
of an apricot-y orange tweed



  1. Thanks Stephanie! At first I thought, "What the heck is 'Summer Lily'"? I forgot about the names and took the photo upside down. Ooops. I was expecting "The lighter orange-y one," cuz that's how I talk . . . ;)

  2. pink pink pink pink pink pink!
    ...or green

  3. i like the summer lily a lot! i also think that a nice, solid orange would work too.

    red (even though it's not on your list) would complement the silhouettes so well

  4. All the walls? ...Ok I should use 3 of them. Summer Lily, pink and the green..oh Let se if I can explane what I mean in à challange thoug I dont see the hole room..I should have for example pink Wall all over and some decor painting in the other colors like stripes or ornament...I see you have beautiful curtains...I guess you Will still have them?

  5. I'm not bold enough to paint the walls. Almost every single wall/door/trim in the townhouse is white - I'm rockin' that gallery feel. I'm just looking for a bright colour for some accessories for some more "punch". But I love your enthusiasm! Maybe I should paint the garbage can striped?!?

  6. ORANGE!!! It would totally carry out the pop of orange in your bookcase.

    White and orange stripey would also be SOO cute!

  7. hi
    first time on the blog..loved inspiring..i would love to feature your home on my blog -

  8. I Absolutely adore the green...I just think its a wonderful colour that works beautifully for all your style..good skills lovely x


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