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April 27, 2011

Marimekko & Table for Two

This Mid2Mod post about Marimekko reminded me that I haven't posted photos of the Marimekko table runner my mom, who visited me in March, sewed for me.  She purchased a Marimekko remnant for placemats or an apron - she just knew I liked the pattern.  Instead, I asked her to make a small table runner I could use in lieu of placemats that would also protect the centre of the table from the heat of a casserole dish, etc.  Anyone with teak knows you have to be careful placing hot or damp things on the wood. 

And, voilà!

In true Dans le Townhouse fashion, I haven't ironed the runner or set the
table "properly" - this is exactly how we use it.  No staging here!

She even made two matching cloth napkins, plus a spare - which I thought was genius.

To make the remnant stretch (although we would have done this anyway, because Marimekko fabric can be pricey) she used a white felted cotton lining.  This created a bit of padding, too.

Perfect for dinner for two!


  1. I love this! I also love your whole dining area.


  2. That's absolutely gorgeous. I'm a sucker for anything Marimekko. xx

  3. Love the pattern and the colors! Your mom did great...again!

  4. I will pass on the positive feedback to my talented mom! I lack the "loving to sew" gene. You should see the fantastic aprons she's been whipping up! I plan to take some photos and post, soon.

  5. oooo, I love these colors!! I have a post planned for tomorrow regarding the new marimekko collection at Crate and Barrel! Have you heard of it?

  6. The colours work SO well in your dining room and pick up the artwork too. Love it! Your Mum may have to take orders : P

  7. Love the print, and it's a great (I'd even say better) alternative to placemats. Pass on the props to your mom!


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