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April 5, 2011

More Than Décor

Although I spend a lot of time "feathering the nest" - including DIY curtains, new bedding, useless tables and even just re-arranging the bookshelves - and I LOVE to blog about design inspiration, sometimes the things in the townhouse that bring me the most joy are things that actually ignore any & all design principles.

Exhibit A.
What is this a picture of, you ask?

Ever wondered why the tiny vintage table in my office has very little ornamentation - just three tiny glass balls?  Well, when the sun hits the crystal balls just so they send a smattering of rainbows all over the walls, floor and ceiling.

The rainbows even reach my desk!

So, although I know these little crystal balls aren't "trendy," nor "classic" or even the right scale or proportion for the table, I don't give a hoot.   I wait patiently on sunny days for the rainbow.

(Sorta) on topic, my grandparents (who I just visited) have trained a chipmunk to literally knock on their patio door for peanuts.  It is hilarious.  And definitely one of the best features of their home.  Fancy furniture and wallpaper be damned - what makes a house a home is the stuff that goes on inside, right?

The funny trip pic I promised

What feature of your home do you love, even though it might make the editor of your favorite design magazine might cringe?

P.S. Yes, their mat reads: "Protected by a Jack Russell Terrier Alarm System".  hehehe.  A gift from yours truly.


  1. Love the sparkly rainbows! Would make great photo art!
    As for the chipmunk, too funny!

  2. Thanks Barbara! Seeing the first pic on the blog, I'm thinking it would be pretty blown up & framed with white matting.

  3. Just gorgeous! And you dont want to follow want to create your OWN sense of style and I love it!
    I have a disco ball hanging above my dining table..and it creates the same effect and I adore it. Good on you sweety a fab idea x

  4. ..nice way to take the rainbow inside..

  5. I love the prism effect. There are a few rare occasions when my engagement ring will catch the light (always in the car) and I think, "the sparks are still flying!" Your post reminded me of it! PS: that chipmunk is the cutest thing EVER! M.

  6. This is my first visit to your blog and it's great!! How wonderful to sit in an office and be showered with all those amazing colors. I'm not sure how much work I would get done as I would want to look at it until the sun moves and puts the rainbow to bed for the day.

  7. Hi Krazy4Mod: Welcome! I'm glad you like my blog. Don't worry - on dreary days there are no rainbows to be found and I'm much more productive :)

  8. I love it-- fantastic! Very Newtonian :) The chipmunk is so cute too.

  9. Hey Tanya,
    Just read your message about traffic from pinterest and my guess is that someone has pinned something on your blog! Very cool. M.

  10. cool! you have a mini disco party everyday! must.get.crystal.ballz.

  11. Oh my goodness. This made my day. My 3 year old LOVES prisms. Whenever we go to his great-grandparents home, he always wants to see the prisms. I'm going to have to go out and buy some prisms so that my living room can be showered in happy little rainbow sprinkles...lovely blog. New follower.

  12. My dear I wholehearedly agree. In our kitchen I have a grouping of varied sized vintage mason jars filled w varied disco balls(xmas ornaments)Some people love it and some people look at it like "why?" Ya gotta design for you!


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