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May 24, 2011

Art Attack: Lime Green Abstract

Mmmmm.  This painting really tickles me.  Who am I kidding?  I am salivating over the entire bathroom.  I'd be thrilled if I could just have that doorknob.

Style at Home Via Marcus Design

Although I love bright green and have blogged about it tirelessly and shamelessly, there isn't that much bright green in the townhouse.  I tend to commit more easily to the turquoises, teals and pale greens.  But I'm feeling less lusty and more satiated now that I finally gave the townhouse a nice dose of bright green via my DIY'd felted wool art (that I also seem to blog about shamelessly):



  1. I'm lovin' the lime...yours and the top photo as well. There's lime green in the quilt on my bed, and there's lime in a picture in my spare bedroom/playroom for the g'sons, but this post is making me think I'd like more.

  2. I recently photo-shopped and enlarged a photo I had taken while we were camping a couple of weeks back, then framed and positioned it in our den. There's just something great about hanging yourself on the wall, isn't there??

  3. @Stephanie: I agree. One of my favorite things (I say immodestly) is a set of six 6"x6" pictures I did for my home. I layered several colors of acrylic paint on each canvas and then scraped or rubbed off upper layers before they were fully dry to reveal the colors underneath. I also fired small silver medallions out of precious metal clay and affixed one randomly on each picture.

  4. Wow gals - both ideas sound fantastic!!!

  5. Ok, Tanya, I've joked about this before, but I swear I am willing to trade services - I'll make you some pillows for a piece of your custom artwork! Think about it. At the very least, you really need to think about opening an esty shop. I adore the felt artwork. M.

  6. Etsy scares me. But a trade might be fun . . . As long as you know I work SUPER slowly!!

  7. I agree with Miss Interior Design Musings, Tanya!! You need to get your work out there....It is phenomenal...and remember, I don't know you, don't want anything from you except to celebrate how obviously talented you are!!! The felted art is TO DIE FOR! and ONE OF A KIND and WHOLLY HAND MADE!!! LOVE, LOVE, LURVE! so organic and delicious!! love ittttttttt.

  8. Melissa, you are making me blush! If you check out my DIY Projects page, I've listed the post with the instructions (or click the link in this post). You have fantastic skills of your own and could definitely DIY some needle felted art!!


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