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May 1, 2011

Art Attack: Textalicious

I am really obsessed with the 'LOVE" print by Made by Girl.  What really tickles me is that 'szeretet' means love in Hungarian (for folks new to my blog, I speak Hungarian and tend to favor anything that references Hungary or Finland - the other half of my cultural make-up).  Because I so rarely see Hungarian referenced outside of Hungary, this print really appeals to me. 

Photo Source: Made by Girl

But I think maybe I am on a text-art kick in general.  Remember the random letter wall decoration I blogged about & the newspaper art I liked?  And check out these fabulously inspiring examples of text-art I have amassed in my inspiration folder:

Brown Button

Lonny Mag via
7th House on the Left

Apartment Therapy

This piece, found on Me Oh My! has a great tutorial.  Click here to check it out.

Me Oh My!

It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life

Via Little Blue Deer

What do you think of text as art?  Do you prefer vintage signage or do you like the DIY'd look?  I think I want to try making some textalicious art.  Something really random and personal . . .


  1. My sister in law is Hungarian, and she speaks only Hungarian to my nephew. I think it is wonderful. He will grow up multi-lingual which is such a plus these days.

    Oh, P.S. The typography is all wonderful. There is so much power in words.

  2. I am a huge fan of typography as art! these are some good ones.

  3. Wow - a Hungarian!?! Tell your sister-in-law & nephew I say "szia"!

  4. i just need to find a vintagey sign with the right letters for our family monogram. no luck yet though :(

  5. I love made by girl's prints as well. She has some great talent!

  6. Hi there! I bookmarked your site a few months ago and finally started a blog, so when I find things I'm inspired by here, I can post on them (rather inadequately, but I'm getting better)!
    The first is headboard 'art' from Me Oh My's idea above, you can see my version here!

    Thanks so much for pulling together/making all kinds of lovely/functional/interesting things! Your blog is aspirational for me:)

  7. That’s fabulous! I cannot wait to check out your blog.


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