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May 13, 2011

Gorgeous Anthropologie Vase

Any blogger users know that blogger was down for awhile.  As a result, many of  the lovely comments you left (and this post) were deleted.  BAH!  I'm re-posting this and will follow-up with a brand new post soon. 

While checking out shops in Houston, I found the high style big box central, Highland Village.  Among the trendy home stores like West Elm and Restoration Hardware there is, no suprise, an Anthropologie.  Honestly, I haven't been blown away by Anthropologie in the past.  Sometimes the look cultivated in the stores and online looks too forced.  Is that harsh?  Well, previous opinions aside, I fell in with love this Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase online:

Photo Source

Photo Source
Aqua plus a red sculptural flower?  Yes please.  I'm going to give Anthropologie another try tomorrow afternoon.  For the air conditioning, if nothing else.  Then I'm off in search of local shops and galleries!!


  1. YES, PLEASE!! I absolutely LOVE that vase!!

  2. So, Stephanie, I'm gathering you want? Can't tell from your ambivalent reaction - LOL.

  3. Sorry to all you lovely readers who left comments on this post. In the blogger fiasco they disappeared into blogland along with this post (which I had to re-post when everything was online again). Didn't want anyone to think I'd deleted a comment - you know how much I lurve comments.


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