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May 4, 2011

A Kitchen I Love That is Not White

You know how I constantly whine about wanting white kitchen cabinets, even though I painstakingly re-varnished ours (the project is filed under the DIY projects tab here)?  I know, I know, my mind works in mysterious ways.  Well, I think I might be over white cabinets (okay, not really) because this blush-y beige-y colour, especially paired with vintage inspired pink, is too fabulous an alternative to ignore.  Thanks Martha, like I couldn't find enough things to pine for on my own.

Martha Stewart

Bah.  I need to pen a blog that doesn't make me want things.


  1. They are adorable! They definitely look tad more unique! x anastasia at Decor is like butter

  2. This is lovely. Like you, I love white kitchens. They're so crisp and easy to update.

  3. Oooh pretty. I wish that I had 7 kitchens so that I could have one in every color!
    I really love the soft pinks mixed with the bold stripes.

  4. White kitchens + young children = bad news for me :o/

  5. I love the mix of colours, it looks very cosey and stylish. The trick is getting the balance right huh. Like you, I love white kitchens....anything white really!

  6. oh, man. my sister would LOVE this kitchen. every time she says what she wants out of life, it ends with "...and a mamie-eisenhower pink kitchen."

  7. If you find a way to blog and not covet the things you blog about, please pass on that magic formula!

    Martha always gets the colour so right. Who know beige, pink, and grey would look so good together? Martha, that's who!

  8. I agree, the blogging just seems to make me want want want! Not a good thing.


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