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May 23, 2011

Location, Location, Location

Moving the chair from the office into the living room kick started a chain reaction of furniture rearrangement.  I had been bothered by the guest room teak chair/side table combo for awhile because the two pieces were so dissimilar in wood tone and style, but not dissimilar enough to work.  With the office chair moved downstairs, I relocated its accompanying black metal glass topped table (a wedding present my grandma received in the 1950s) to the guest room and love how it looks in there.  The splash of black adds the right amount of tension, and is a common element in every room of the house. 

Yep - those heaters will be painted.  Eventually.

The table + teak table combo (click here for more photos):

Before - teak table + prints on wall have since been replaced

You might have already spotted the change in my post about my DIY'd Needled Felted Abstracts.  This photo gave it away:



  1. Definitely more interesting, and that chair is spectacular!

  2. It looks fabulous against the black table! Love it :)

  3. wow that is a great setting!!!
    Love the retro yet so modern feel to all

  4. Great combination! A classy piece of black metal furniture can up the wow factor of any grouping, I think. I adore the table even more, knowing it was a wedding gift for your grandmother.

  5. That chair has such gorgeous lines! Love it in the corner with that artwork. Beautiful!

  6. teehee... i move my furniture all.the.time. actually, my fiance moves it, at my request. i think he must get really tired of that!

  7. Thanks everyone!!

    xywhit: I picked the upholstery myself and I'm glad it worked with the chair. It seems surprisingly versatile, too. Well - with my decor, anyway.

  8. Love that chair and artwork!

  9. I love what you did with the Ribba frames! I could not, in a gazillion years, do that. Instead, I got myself a Ribba and it's waiting in the crafts area for me to decide and do something about it. Haven't yet. But most probably I will have the kids do something... ;)

  10. Thanks! I think kids' art would be fantastic in the frames. I'm a fan of a good abstract!


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